The Execution

The Execution Escape Game in Bristol 

‘The Execution’ escape game is set in a dystopian future where you can be arrested and sentenced to death for even the most minor crimes.

Executions are commonplace, and you’re up next…

What to Expect at The Execution

Your group will be taken to the execution chamber, one of you sentenced to death. Strapped into the electric chair, the lead player will have to work with fellow players in order to escape.

Faced with a series of challenges and sinister puzzles, players must work together against the clock to escape the execution chamber.

In this twisted reality, players only get one chance.

If you can prove yourselves worthy and manage to engineer your escape before time runs out, you might just get to live another day…

Welcome to The Execution escape room in Bristol.

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Opening Hours

The Execution escape room is open 7 days a week from 9am – Midnight.

Group Bookings

Groups of 2 – 8 players can book using our online booking system.


Bookings for four or more players: £25 per player.
For two players: £35 per player
For 3 players: £28.33 per player

For enquiries regarding different sized groups or times, please call 0117 336 1727, or send us an email.

Please contact us for a discount if you also want to play Hell In A Cellar, or The Ward.

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