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5 Star Rated Escape Rooms in Bristol

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Google Reviews of Hell In A Cell Escape Rooms Bristol
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Hell In A Cellar Escape Rooms Bristol

Hell In A Cellar

After five years of cat and mouse with the police, Pig Face’s world collapsed. His lair was discovered, forcing him to leave. Sick of living in the sewer, Pig Face started his search for a new home. He had almost given up hope! But then, he stumbled across the disused cellar of the old bombed-out Hippodrome theater…

Pig Face’s desire to possess his victim’s skin leads him to build a new, even more twisted escape game. Ready to unleash this next chapter on the world, Pig Face is back up to his old tricks.

Locked underground in a dark and eerie cellar, you will be given one chance to see if you’re worthy of escape, with new twists and puzzles to solve.

Welcome to Hell In A Cellar.

The Execution - Escape Rooms Bristol

The Execution

As Pig Face settles in, he continues to explore his new home in the Hippodrome basement. He finds a locked area with the occasional acrid smell of burning flesh! It reminds him of darker days in the slaughterhouse sewers and cesspit, so he steers well clear. 

Little does Pig Face know that this is a portal to another dimension and a dystopian future, where even the pettiest of crimes are sentenced to death! And as luck would have it, the portal leads straight into the execution chamber.

In this twisted future, do you stand a chance? Can you beat the clock to stop the execution? Have you got what it takes to escape?

Welcome to The Execution

The Ward Escape Game

The Ward

You open your eyes to discover you are in ‘The Ward’.

The last thing you remember was walking along the road with your friends…

There was a funny smell, then everything went black!

You have been kidnapped by ‘The Doctor’ who has taken over the local hospital. Fast running out of patients, The Doctor kidnaps new test subjects for his twisted experiments.

You will need to work as a team to figure out how to escape before The Doctor comes back for you.

Can you escape before treatment?

Welcome to The Ward.

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